Ari’s Mom Says “Thank you!”

The packages are starting to arrive and Ari’s Mom says thank you.  I’ll share a couple pictures here below and share part of what she wrote,  “with tears streaming down my face – tears of happiness and tears for my faith in humanity ! I thank you ! And I thank the complete strangers who took their time and their kindness and generosity to make a brave boy the most decorated soldier ! #pez badge of courage for ari ! Thank you !”

A Mom’s letter- Birthday wishes for Ari!

Birthday Wish from a Mom!

Hi Everyone,
Everyone once in while I come across touching stories involving PEZ.  I have one I am asking you to help.   Perhaps we all can make this little boy’s 15thbirthday a special one.  His Mom writes, “Ari is 14 and one of the biggest PEZ fans in the world!  We call each PEZ his PEZ badge of courage! That is because his love of PEZ dispensers started early as a small gift given to him ay one of his hospital stays.  And from there it became his PEZ badge of courage!  No hospital stay or procedure is complete without his opening of some new PEZ! Ari has a rare chromosome disorder called triosmy 9 mosaic.  It comes with a host of medical issues (spina bifida occulta, seizure disprder, arachnoid cyst, hearing loss, ADHD, tethered cord syndrome, special needs, g-tube for medications and he can not talk due to paralyzed vocal chords and severe apraxia).  Doctors have said he would not live past his first birthday, as of February 16th Ari will be celebrating his 15th birthday!  He is the most bravest, silliest, strongest and courageous boy you will ever meet and with each day I am more proud of him!  When Ari had his wish granted by Make a Wish we rushed to do it in 2011.  His wish was to meet Blues Clues and that he did!”
So long story short, his Mom was basically asking “PEZ Collectors News” for a little “Happy Birthday PEZ package” to come in the mail to help make Ari’s birthday special.  I know PEZ collectors have big hearts and a few extra PEZ dispensers so I asked his Mom if it would be alright if I shared Ari’s story with other collectors and maybe we can make his birthday very PEZZY special.
She said, “I am humbled by your kindness and generosity and thank you for totally reinstalling my faith in human kindness!”  She only asked that we do not share her information publicly.  If you would like to send something to Ari please email and I will email you his address…

Thank you Pezheads!