more pics of Ari-thank you Pezheads! (updated 2-16)

Hi Richie , just a quick update ! You pez heads are insanely amazing !!!! I’m speechless! I know I know I’ll have to gather my thoughts lol but for now just to sneak peak about three boxes have been coming every day since the start of this ! Some days one or two but three seems to be the lucky number lol ! Our non verbal ari has the whole town talking ! Because the mailman has taken up residency on our door step lol ! Each package each opening I have documented ! Each card and each story saved ! Please send my love to all the pez families – please tell the ones who’s kids have added pictures have made aris smile that much bigger and my heart so full knowing they are passing it’s cool to be kind down to their kids ! Please tell them I am humbled by the generosity and willingness to make a pez happy boy —-happy ! This will be a February birthday month to Remember- you have all made his birthday wish of pez times a million a reality ! He plays with each pez of
Courage with pride ! Here are a few of my fav new pics but there are so many more ….. a local photographer might come and take some pics of ari and and his pez !!! When the month ends ! All the best Richie and thank u times a million ! Times a million lol