PEZ Collector Cruise- Pezheads @ Sea 2017

What do you get when you mix a PEZ Convention and a Cruise ship? “Cruising PEZheads” or what we called the past PEZ Collector Cruises, “PEZheads at Sea”! We tested the “waters” at the NE PEZ Con a couple weeks ago to see if there is enough interest to go further with the idea of having another PEZ Collector Cruise.

There IS enough interest in another PEZ Collector Cruise!!! So we are happy to announce Pezheads @ Sea Cruise will be coming in October 2017!

Check out on Monday August 1st to get all of the Peztastic details!

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PEZ Collectors News-PCN

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Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Phone: 843-868-1739



#NEPEZCON- Northeast PEZ Convention 2017

Our NE PEZ Con exclusive dispensers for 2017 are done already! They look great. Wish we could show you now, but we like to surprise attendees. Plus, our 2018 20th Anniversary dispensers will be done in the next couple weeks! Its a pretty exciting time here at PCN!

Hey, the convention is NOW only 365 days away. We have to start working on things. 2017 will be a very exciting year, it will be the first time we have the convention in June. Hopefully more people can make it a family vacation and check out the PEZ Visitors Center while at the convention. Not to mention NYC is a short train ride from our convention. Time to start planing to attend the 19th Annual NEPEZCON in 2017!

The 18th Annual NE PEZ Con is now over. Work has started already for 2017!

Make sure to mark the NEW DATES:

JUNE 22-24, 2017 is our 19th Annual

JUNE 21-23, 2018 is our 20th Anniversary Convention……


NE PEZ Con-update

January 26th, 2016: We have secured the same hotel for the NE PEZ Con for 2017 with some interesting changes.. Stay tuned for details…..

January 11th, 2016: It’s the time of year when things are starting to get very busy around here. Registrations start coming in, people make hotel reservations, ordered convention goodies start coming in and details start falling into place. We need to make things clear about “Northeast Convention dispensers” for 2016 before people get disappointed.

Our convention attendees are important to us. We try to give them a fun, PEZ filled time that they will always remember. Part of that convention experience is our convention collectibles. We try to make our convention goodies extra special/collectible for our convention attendees. They are very limited for this reason. Some attendees come every year and they may miss a year. We understand and do not want them to miss out on on the collectibles. So we have always offered absentee packages. Please note, to be fair to our 2016 attendees (pre-registered) the special “2016 convention PEZ” we are getting will be available to them (pre-registered attendees that attend) on a limited basis. It will be in addition to the 2016 Northeast PEZ Convention attend package which includes our own dispenser/package for 2016…. Our own 2016 dispenser package was made/planned at least year in advance as is our 2017 dispenser package already done.

Usually, before the convention I put “our” convention dispenser packages up for auction to give our attendees a $$ value for their convention collectibles. Perhaps we may put one of the “special dispensers” on eBay, maybe? At this point, after the convention (May 2016) we will make a VERY small number our exclusive “2016 convention dispenser” available. Not sure exactly where, when or how we will offer it. Please do not ask just watch this site for updates. Thank you.

NE PEZ Convention 2016-Update


Everything is coming together for the goodie bags.   Only a couple more things to do there.  The hotel has updated the computer system, rooms ready to book!  It time to make your plans to attend.

BUS TRIP- its about 1/2 full.  So, if you want to be part of the bus trip, better make your plans now.  Last time, it started to fill up at the end of the year.  Don’t miss it.

Info/Registration form-please visit our web site

What’s Going On-Northeast PEZ Con?

We have been busy working on the Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering.  Everything is falling into place.  Got almost everything for the goodie bags.  Convention Registration form and web site have been updated.  Hotel booking link is up to date.  Registration is open for the Northeast PEZ Convention 2016!

More info check out our web site